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Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Michigan and Blue Care Network (BCBSM and BCN) announced on Friday, November 22, 2013, that even though the state insurance commissioner announced (also on November 22) that Michigan would permit carriers to allow customers to maintain their current benefits for one additional year (as a result of President Obama’s announcement the week prior), the Blues will continue to move forward, transitioning their existing business and enrolling all new business into ACA-compliant plans, effective 1/1/2014. Click Here To See Full Article

White House Announces Transition Policy for Canceled Health Plans

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) includes key reforms that create new coverage standards for health insurance policies, beginning in 2014. For example, effective for 2014 plan years, the ACA imposes new modified community rating standards and requires individual and small group policies to cover a comprehensive set of benefits. Over the last few months, millions of Americans have received notices informing them that their health insurance plans are being canceled because they do not comply with the ACA’s reforms. President Obama has received criticism that these cancelations go against his assurances that if consumers have a plan that they like, they can keep it. Both Republican and Democrat members of Congress have been advocating changes to the ACA to resolve the cancelation issue. Responding to pressure from consumers and Congress, on Nov. 14, 2013, President Obama announced a new transition policy for 2014. Under the new policy, individuals and small businesses whose coverage has been canceled (or would be canceled) because it does not meet the ACA’s standards may be able to re-enroll or stay on their coverage for an additional year. For Full Article Click Here

Obamacare Is Going To Change the Way You Work and Retire

The biggest effect of Obamacare is obvious: Starting this winter, it will make it easier for tens of millions of Americans without health insurance to get it. But Obamacare will also lead to big changes for workers who do have health insurance and for the firms that employ them. Workers will find it easier to change jobs, and to enter and leave the labor force at will, without worrying that doing so will cause them to lose access to health insurance. In other words, Obamacare will tilt power in the labor market away from employers and toward employees. This is a big deal, and it’s a sleeper issue that animates the left-right fight over Obamacare even though it is rarely discussed in the open. Conservatives concerned that we are turning into a nation of “takers” see employer-provided health care as one of the few remaining forces that keeps Americans working. Liberals don’t just want health coverage for all; they want workers to be able to press their employers for higher wages and better conditions, which they can more easily do if they’re less afraid of losing health insurance if they lose their jobs. That change in the balance of power will affect the economy in a few ways, some good and some bad, but the effects look likely to be more favorable to workers than employers. Read more: