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April HR Brief

Check out April’s HR Brief

In April 2017 HR Brief, you can find details pertaining to:
  • Employee retention with a brief focus regarding millennials
  •  Things-to-know and tips about retirement
  • Increasing Health Care knowledge
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March HR Brief

Check out March’s HR Brief

In March 2017 HR Brief, you can find details pertaining to:
  • Importance of Company Culture
  • Update on DOL Overtime Rule

IRS Change May Affect Individual Mandate

FEB 6, 2017 the IRS’ changes in policy took effect. The IRS indicated that it will not automatically reject tax returns that do not certify compliance with the individual mandate. The individual mandate remains effective, and penalties may still be assessed, if applicable. Changes to ACA requirements must be made by Congress through the legislative procedure. Don’t Forget: APRIL 15, individual tax returns for 2016 are due. Full Article Here

February HR Brief

Check out February’s HR Brief

In February 2017 HR brief you can find more information regarding:
  • Protecting against tax scams
  • Employee leave-sharing and donation programs

Breaking News!

Check out these two articles for details regarding the Furnishing Deadline for ACA Reporting Delayed and the Overtime Rule Blocked by Federal Court:

2016-furnishing-deadline-for-aca-reporting-delayed_page_1 2016 Furnishing Deadline for ACA Reporting Delayed

On Nov. 18, 2016, the IRS issued Notice 2016-70, which extended the 2016 deadline for furnishing statements to individuals under Sections 6055 and 6056. Notice 2016-70 also extended good-faith relief from penalties for 2016 reporting. However, the notice does not extend the due date for filing forms with the IRS for 2016. This ACA Bulletin outlines the new due date and additional guidance in this notice. ACA Reporting Delayed Download Full Article Here

  144539-ot-rule-blocked_page_1 Overtime Rule Blocked by Federal Court

A federal judge has blocked the DOL final rule that was set to increase the salary threshold for the “white collar overtime exemptions” to $47,476 per year. This Content Bulletin summarizes the judge’s ruling and provides information on the future of the DOL’s overtime rule. Overtime Blocked: Download Full Article Here